Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History Seminar – July

Wednesday 21 July, 12pm – 1pm, via zoom (

Charlotte Macdonald, ‘Standing on the threshold: Mary Anne at the door of the Sydney Refuge 1867, the historian at her keyboard, 2021. The tricky business of fragments and interpretation.’

Randolph Hollingsworth, ‘A Tale of 29 Cities: Mary C. Leavitt’s Organizing Tour of New Zealand in 1885’

Charlotte Macdonald is a historian of women and gender, mostly in the nineteenth century and currently working on the global garrison world, c.1840s–70s. Her article ‘Woolwich to Wellington: from settler colony to garrisoned sovereignty’, New Zealand Journal of History, 53: 1 (2019) won the Mary Boyd Prize. She is at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington.
Randolph Hollingsworth
 earned a PhD in US History, focusing on conservative women  and feminist critical theory, and then served as the Commonwealth Humanities Scholar of Kentucky. Retired a couple of years now from 35 years of teaching history and women’s studies, Randolph misses working with university students on their oral history and digital projects. She continues her research in nineteenth-century women’s history, shifting the gaze of a US protagonist to focus on cross-cultural experiences in New Zealand. Continuing to rely on open access digital resources and social media, Randolph reaches out for collaborative efforts in discovery and analysis of women’s political ideologies. You can read more about her 1885 project at

This is a regular, online seminar. Each session features 2 research presentations on current research in Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History, followed by discussion. 

Charlotte Greenhalgh ( and Charlotte Macdonald