MA Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington….

History or background of award
The scholarship is part of the Marsden funded project ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Settler: Garrison and Empire in the Nineteenth Century’ led by Professor Charlotte Macdonald.

Purpose of award
Applications are invited from suitably qualified students interested in working on an aspect of garrison culture in the period c.1850s-1870s. Taking the imperial soldiers and sailors deployed in New Zealand in the period c.1860-65 as its starting point the research will focus on an aspect of the ‘redcoats’ and ‘bluejackets’ cultural world. Potential areas of investigation include the movement of soldiers across the empire (especially Crimea-India-New Zealand-Australia); the nature and mobility of materials worn and used by soldiers and sailors (uniforms, arms, ammunition, music and musical instruments, boots, tents, cards and dice, tobacco, sporting equipment, pet animals, books, print, pen and paper, objects of adornment and decoration); activities including camp drill and barrack routine; sports; gambling and drinking; codes of honour; literacy and belief; punishment and obedience.

Selection criteria
The successful applicant will have an BA honours in history or equivalent.

Applications are welcome from New Zealand and overseas students. See website for further details.

Number of awards offered

$16,000 stipend, plus tuition fees

Tenure of award
One year

Closing dates for applications: Friday 23 January 2015 – now extended to FRIDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2015…..