FRIDAY 26 MAY SEMINAR Dr Arini Loader – ‘E pā tō hau: Māori history and the New Zealand wars’

The History Programme of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

is pleased to invite you to a seminar with Dr Arini Loader

Presented in OK406 and via ZOOM—please register for the Zoom by clicking this link:

Close reading and contextualisation of Rangiamoa’s waiata ‘E pā tō hau’ offers an utterly Māori way in to making some sense of the kohuru, the murders at Rangiaowhia in 1864. Leaning in to Aroha Harris’s bold assertion that ‘The future of history is Māori’ (2023, Te Pouhere Kōrero 10: Māori History, Māori People), this presentation examines the tragedy of the events at Rangiaowhia through a Māori historical lens; one that privileges waiata (song) and Māori naming practices as both serious historical sources and methodological moves