Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History Seminar – October Session

Wednesday 13 October, 12 pm – 1 pm, via zoom (


Katie Pickles, Approaching a new biography of Kate Sheppard

Phoebe Fordyce, Interactions Between Māori and Pākehā Women of the WCTU (1892-1918)

Katie Pickles is Professor of Women’s/Feminist History at the University of Canterbury. A recent RSNZ James Cook Research Fellow, her book Heroines in History: A Thousand Faces is forthcoming with Routledge.

Phoebe Fordyce is a third year History PhD student at the University of Canterbury. Her research interests include colonial New Zealand history, intersectional women’s history, and Māori history.

This is a regular, online seminar. Each session (held via zoom) features 2 research presentations on current research in Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History, followed by discussion. 

Charlotte Greenhalgh and Charlotte Macdonald (