Stranger Than Fiction Seminar Series – Stout Research Centre

Authors have always used fiction to grapple with the social anxieties of their day and imagine futures both good and bad. Disruption by new technologies, the blending of humans and machines, an end to illness, and human-induced destruction of the
environment have all been at the centre of plays, novels and poetry for centuries. But researchers too, find themselves in fantastic places that are often stranger than fiction.

This panel series brings together scholars and writers who, through their work, have travelled to some very strange places and encountered the challenges of being there – in the deep past, in the future, in the ocean, in our genes, in the worlds of animals, in the minds of an audience.

Medical Procedures, Health and Culture
Chair: Veronika Meduna
Panel: Dr Caroline Bennett, Dr Kirsten Smiler, Dr Dennitza Gabrakova
23 May at 5.15pm Hunter Lecture Theatre 119

The Hunter Lecture 119 is on the Ground Floor South End off Hunter Courtyard.