Seminar: ‘Peace, Christianity and Public History in New Zealand’

The History Programme invite you to a seminar by Dr Geoff Troughton, Victoria University: Peace, Christianity and Public History in New Zealand:

Despite New Zealand’s cherished reputation for relative peacefulness, critical examination of the nation’s histories of peacemaking and opposition to war remains relatively thin. This seminar reflects upon my Marsden-funded research, focusing especially on issues arising from two new publications, Saints and Stirrers (2017) and Pursuing Peace in Godzone (2018). Together, these volumes provide a broad-ranging account of Christian peacemaking interventions in New Zealand from 1814 to the present. The seminar will address three issues: first, the origins and development of the project; second, arguments concerning connections between Christianity, conflict and peacemaking in New Zealand; and finally, the framing and use of these books as models of a kind of public history.

Geoff Troughton is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. His work focuses on issues relating to religion in the modern world, and various aspects of religious change. He has written extensively on Christianity in New Zealand’s history.

 Venue:            Old Kirk 406 (F L Wood Seminar Room)

Date:               Friday, 4 May 2018

Time:              12:10pm to 1:30pm

For more information: Contact Dr Cybèle Locke (; 04 463 6774).