Survey request: Digitised books

Interested in participating in a quick online survey about digital historical resources? 

A Master of Information Studies student at Victoria University of Wellington is seeking participants for their research project evaluating the usability of digitised books from multiple digital libraries. The researcher believes that members of NZHA are likely to be potential if not current users of digitised books and would love your feedback.
About the survey: 
Using two examples from different digital libraries the survey requests that participants briefly use and then evaluate each book. The same book is used in each example: A first year in Canterbury Settlement with other early essays by Samuel Butler. The examples are from the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection and the Open Library. The survey will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.
This is an anonymous survey, no information that identifies the participant will be collected. The project has had approval from the School’s Human Ethics Committee, further details can be found at:
Many thanks for you time.