Heritage Impact150 Symposium, 3-4 October, Dunedin

A symposium is being held in Dunedin between 3-4 October as part of the celebrations marking 150 years since the first production of town gas in New Zealand.

It will bring together people with expertise and an interest in industrial heritage including archaeologists, architects, archivists, curators, engineers, historians, local government leaders, planners, sociologists, and those involved in tourism, heritage maintenance and restoration.

The keynote speaker will be Sir Neil Cossons, former head of English Heritage.

Barry Brickell, of Coromandel, is also completing an installation of terracotta tablets that shows various aspects of the gasworks story.

You will be treated to these and other stories and examples of industrial heritage, and your support will help to make this event a success.

Please register for this symposium now or contact Ann Barsby directly on (03) 479 0169  for more information about the programme.