Winners of the NZHA Digitisation Award

The New Zealand History Association Digitisation Committee is delighted to announce the granting of the following awards:

Group: Waimate Historical Society
Project: Waimate Museum Māori Taonga Collection 

Project Funding to support the accessioning, cataloguing, researching, photographing and digitising of taonga collection onto the Past Perfect database and NZ Museums website, thereby increasing knowledge, accessibility and engagement with taonga collection.

Amount granted: $5000


Group: Fielding and Districts Community Archive

Project: Photographic Digitization

Funding to support the digitization, cataloguing and scanning of nineteenth and early twentieth century historical photographs for availability on Past Perfect database.

Amount Granted: $5000


Group: Bridget Williams Books

Project: BWB 50 E-Books Project

Funding towards the creation of some 50 of BWB’s out-of-print and current titles will enhance access and dissemination of works on New Zealand history.

Amount Granted: $7000


Group: National Library of New Zealand

Project: AJHR Digitisation Programme

Funding towards the on-going project of Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHRs) from the 1850s up to 1999. The AJHRs are important official records of New Zealand’s social, economic and political history, but their content is difficult to discover and underappreciated outside the research community.

Amount Granted: $3000


Dr. James Beattie, Chair, Digitisation Committee.

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