“Forgiveness based on truth a path we all should follow: In memory of Nelson Mandela”

In death, as in life, Nelson Mandela has become a focus of debate and contestation in New Zealand. Several of the country’s former right-wing politicians have seemingly disowned their opposition to him and the anti-apartheid movement, while current ones, including the incumbent Prime Minister, stress their supposed indifference to the hugely divisive 1981 Springbok Tour. […]

Adele Perry on #IdleNoMore, Histories, and Historians

Adele Perry is the Canada Research Chair in Western Canadian Social History at the University of Manitoba.  She recently gave a talk on the #IdleNoMore  movement, a grassroots, non-hierarchal, feminist and environmentalist social movement founded by women, which originated among Canada’s indigenous peoples.  This talk has now been reproduced online. More than simply resonating with […]