Media Expertise List

Historians available for media comment:

Neill Atkinson, Chief Historian, Ministry for Culture and Heritage

+64 4 496 6355
email Neill


  • Social history of transport, especially railways and seafaring
  • Politics and government
  • Labour history

Professor Katie Pickles, University of Canterbury

+64 3 364 3375

email Katie


  • General New Zealand History
  • New Zealand women’s and gender history
  • Gender and imperialism
  • Christchurch history and future
  • Kiwi culture and immigration

Prof. Tom Brooking, University of Otago

+64 3 479 8628
email Tom


  • Dentistry in New Zealand
  • Land settlement in New Zealand
  • Rural history in New Zealand
  • Environmental history (NZ)
  • Scots in New Zealand
  • Urban history
  • New Zealand studies
  • General New Zealand history
  • Political biography

4 thoughts on “Media Expertise List

  1. Hi,
    I brought an old book a few years ago and inside was a personal letter from the then Prime Minister Richard Seddon to a Mr G Fenwick. It is dated 1904 and has the official Prime Ministers seal and letterhead. It’s in excellent condition. I was wondering how much a letter like this would be worth?

    1. Apologies for leaving your query unanswered for so long. By now you have probably found some good advice. Perhaps you have shown the letter to someone with the skills to appraise it, such as an archivist, which is what we would have advised had we answered sooner.

      1. Thanks for the advice. I had actually forgotten about it, but will try and find out who would be a good person to show it to. Unless you can recommend someone.

        Sent from Samsung Mobile

      2. I can’t think of an individual who you might approach, but you could try visiting one of the Archives New Zealand offices (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – details at There is also ARANZ, the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand, And maybe if you live near a second-hand bookstore that sells rare and hard-to-find items they might have someone with the expertise needed.

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