Puke Ariki Trust Scholarship

Please find below details of a scholarship awarded by the Puke Ariki Trust. The web address for the scholarships is: https://pukeariki.com/about-us/scholarships/

This scholarship supports the studies of a postgraduate student whose research relates to Taranaki’s social history adding to the body of knowledge associated to Taranaki, or for a Puke Ariki staff member to support a professional exchange, professional development or research that benefits the strategic directions of Puke Ariki.

The scholarship is awarded annually, up to a maximum of $15,000 and will support the approved applicant who is studying at a postgraduate level at a New Zealand university or an approved provider or working for Puke Ariki.

Applications are now invited for this scholarship.

The closing date for applications is 20 March 2020.


  1. The Scholarship is to be awarded to an approved applicant, up to a maximum of $15,000, for research, exchange or professional development in the year the scholarship is awarded.

2. The Scholarship is to support studies of a student who is studying full-time at post graduate level; i.e. completing their PhD or Masters level studies, or a Puke Ariki staff member undergoing an exchange or professional development or research.

3. The Scholarship is awarded to advance the study and understanding of the Taranaki region and its future directions.

4. The successful applicant(s) shall have access to the resources of Puke Ariki (if required) for the duration of their research. This will include access to information and collections held by Puke Ariki, along with specialist staff.

5. The research must have a significant component that relates to the Taranaki region. The exchange or professional development must extend or contribute to the strategic directions of Puke Ariki.

6. Work that focuses on interpreting objects, items or archives from the heritage collections of Puke Ariki or work that contributes to the developing future services for Puke Ariki would have an advantage.

7. A copy of the thesis or report (generated from the research, professional development or exchange) will be made available to be part of the collections of Puke Ariki (and if appropriate for use in displays, presentations or exhibitions managed by Puke Ariki). If appropriate, the thesis copy must be deposited in Puke Ariki within a calendar month of the degree being awarded.

8. In the first instance, applicants need to forward details of their research, professional development or exchange  proposal (including supervisor support if a university student) and a CV (including academic history and a copy of their official academic record), to:

Dr Anne Eddy

Information Services Officer | Kaiāwhina Ratonga Rangahau

Puke Ariki

Private Bag 2025

New Plymouth

By the closing date of 20 March 2020

or email anne.eddy@npdc.govt.nz or phone (06) 759 6060 Ext. 7851 with any queries regarding this scholarship.

9. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong academic record as well as to those applicants who submit a proposal of research, professional development or exchange which will potentially add value to either the body of knowledge regarding the Taranaki region or relate to the strategic directions of Puke Ariki.