New Zealand History Research Trust – applications open

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund offers financial assistance to people carrying out projects that will significantly enhance the understanding of New Zealand’s past. The funding can be used for a variety of purposes: to enable historians to work full-time on a project; to pay for research and writing costs; and to pay for travel costs associated with research.

Only works of non-fiction are eligible, and the scheme does not provide assistance for the collection or arrangement of archival material, the preparation of databases, or costs associated with the production and publication of a work.

This year the Trust Fund will grant 10-12 Awards of up to $12,000. Our practice of granting a $60,000 award has been discontinued in order to support a larger number of projects.

Any individual or group may apply for an Award in History, but tertiary students and staff are not eligible for assistance for projects undertaken as part of their university work. Staff of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage are also ineligible. Applicants may reside outside New Zealand.

Applications close on 15 October each year. An application form is available for download. Please read the form carefully and ensure that your application includes all the information requested. The main requirements are a discussion of the significance of the project, a clear explanation of the scope and focus of the project, a brief chapter outline, an indication of the stage the work has reached, a budget, brief and relevant personal information, and the names of two referees who know your work.

For more information, see the Ministry of Culture and Heritage website: