Seminar: Charlotte Macdonald, ‘Shopping for War: a historian stalks her prey in Victoria’s London’

In this historical excursion around London of 1863 (and 2018) we will be following Spencer P. T. Nicholls as he makes preparations to embark for the war in New Zealand as an officer with the 43rd regiment. What do his purchases tell us of the Victorian global supply chain, the multiple spaces of imperial warfare, of coercive sociability and economy, and of the paths pursued by the historian and her subject?

Charlotte Macdonald is a member of the History Programme at VUW. She is a historian of gender, empire and colonies. She has recently published ‘Power that Hurts’ in Itinerario (42: 1, 2018), ‘Paper Soldiers’, with Rebecca Lenihan, in Rethinking History (22: 3, 20018) and has an article forthcoming in the New Zealand Journal of History: ‘Woolwich to Wellington: settler colony to garrisoned sovereignty’. Her recent research has been supported by a Marsden grant (

Venue:            Old Kirk 406 (F L W Wood Seminar Room)

Date:               Friday, 29 March 2019

Time:              12:10pm to 1:30pm

For more information: Contact Dr Alexander Maxwell (; 04 463 6753).