Advance Notice: Joint George Rudé Seminar and the Society for French Historical Studies Conference

‘France and beyond: the Global World of ‘Ngāti Wīwī’.  7-10 July 2020, Auckland. 

[Tribe ‘Oui Oui’ was the local name for the French in NZ.]  

In July 2020 the first ever Joint George Rudé Seminar and theSociety for French Historical Studies Conference will be held in Auckland hostedby the Universities of Auckland and Massey. Co-presidents Tracy Adams (French) and Kirsty Carpenter, and TreasurerJoe Zizek invite colleagues in History and the Humanities to engage with thethemes and the visitors that the conference will bring to New Zealand.  Leading scholars from the US, UK and Europewill be keynote guests, and many American and international colleagues havealready signalled their intention to attend.  

The conference invites panels and papers on any aspect of French History, Medieval to Contemporary.  Areas of traditional French historical research will be featured alongside popular themes: Citizenship in the Medieval and Early Modern European world; the Revolutionary period and its environmental impact in the wider Atlantic world; and changing approaches to French or Franco-British History in the NZ/Australasian and Pacific region – in what the French call Océanie.

Any help that colleagues in the NZHA could give theorganising committee in promoting this event or organising/supportinginternational visitors giving seminars around New Zealand would be very muchappreciated.  The most important thing fornow is to think about panels that you might present with New Zealand,Australian and American colleagues at this event that, while beyond the nextNZHA, is close for the purposes of planning research agendas and diaries. 

Contacts for information:

Tracy Adams

Kirsty Carpenter

Joe Zizek