Call for names for expert list for Magna Carta/rule of law/right in New Zealand

The Magna Carta 800 Committee for New Zealand is creating a list of experts in New Zealand who can speak about Magna Carta, the rule of law and rights, and associated topics including more current applications such as a Magna Carta for the Earth or a Digital Magna Carta. If the media or an organization contacts us to identify someone to speak they will be referred to this list and it will go on our website.

If you would like to go on this list please email the following:



Expertise: (e.g. whether Magna Carta history, rule of law, bill of rights, rights generally, or rights/law in relation to topics such as gender, children, environment, employment, property, education, digital privacy, security)

Contacts: (e.g. email/phone/website – note the list will go online/be public).

Please email this to the Magna Carta NZ administrative assistant Tom James, email