“Forgiveness based on truth a path we all should follow: In memory of Nelson Mandela”

In death, as in life, Nelson Mandela has become a focus of debate and contestation in New Zealand. Several of the country’s former right-wing politicians have seemingly disowned their opposition to him and the anti-apartheid movement, while current ones, including the incumbent Prime Minister, stress their supposed indifference to the hugely divisive 1981 Springbok Tour. […]

Inaugural Mary Boyd Prizewinner

As part of an effort to better acknowledge and celebrate the work of professional historians, the NZHA established the Mary Boyd prize earlier this year.  This is awarded to the author of the best article on any aspect of New Zealand history published in a refereed journal between biennial meetings of the NZHA.  The judges […]

Heritage Impact150 Symposium, 3-4 October, Dunedin

A symposium is being held in Dunedin between 3-4 October as part of the celebrations marking 150 years since the first production of town gas in New Zealand. It will bring together people with expertise and an interest in industrial heritage including archaeologists, architects, archivists, curators, engineers, historians, local government leaders, planners, sociologists, and those […]